Eddy current separators for recovering nonferrous metals

A nonferrous metal separator in its basic structure consists of a short stretch of belt that is driven at the feed end. There is a rapidly rotating permanent magnet system located in its discharge head pulley. In rotation this pole system generates highfrequency alternating magnetic fields.

Non Ferrous metal separator

Non Ferrous metal separator. This magnetic metal separator employs the Foucault current separation principle. A magnetic roller of rare earth magnets rotating at high speed inside the shell drawn by the conveyor belt generates a powerful high frequency alternating magnetic field. Nonferrous metals drawn by the conveyor belt from the separator are thrown forward selectively as a result of

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Nonferrous metal separators have their technical and physical limitations the first limitation is the size of the particles ECSM drives can to separate nonferrous metal size 2 mm or more... second constraint some physical properties of the separated material ECSM systems operate perfectly

Non ferrous metal separator for metal separation

NONFERROUS METAL SEPARATOR PURPOSE. T he Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is an advanced separator that excellent separates non ferrous metals (like aluminium copper brass etc.) from inert materials (glass stones plastic wood etc.) and eliminates the smallest parts of the ferrous metals left from the sorting with magnetic separator.

NonFerrous Metal Separators Eddy Current Separators

NonFerrous Metal Separators Eddy Current Separators Unique Feature of Jaykrishna Magnetics Eddy Current Separator. Working Principle. When a piece of nonferrous metal such as aluminum or copper passes over the separator the magnets... Product specifications. DRIVE MOTOR H.P.

Nonferrous metal separator VNES Vecoplan AG

The nonferrous metal separator effortlessly separates nonferrous metal such as copper zinc bronze and brass from wood domestic refuse plastics etc. It must of course be integrated into the conveying line. The nonferrous metal separator VNES can be installed in the conveying line itself for reliable separation of nonferrous metals from wood domestic refuse plastics etc.

Nonferrous metal separator for very fine materials recovery

Nonferrous metal separator for very fine materials. Finegrain sorting materials have no chance of escaping when Galloo one of Europes biggest recyclers and a pioneer in metal recycling teams up with the Colognebased sorting and separation specialist STEINERT. The two sector heavyweights have developeda new nonferrous metals separator for finematerials.

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Nonferrous metal separators. Among all our devices probably the most important ones are eddy current separators. They are responsible for isolating nonferrous metals from transported loose materials. Our devices react to such metals as aluminium aluminum copper zinc brass bronze and similar metal alloys. Principle of operation

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The Eddy Current Separator (RSPM) is able to separate the NonFerrous metals from the rest of the materials due to its studied magnetic assembly called the Inductor Drum which rotates at high speed. When a NonFerrous Metal crosses the induced magnetic field it undergoes a repulsion effect and jumps a certain distance ahead of the Foucault drum and away from the rest of the materials.