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ISO 340 Conveyor belts Laboratory scale flammability characteristics Requirements and test method Fourth Edition. ISO 14890 Conveyor belts Specification for rubberor plasticscovered conveyor belts of textile construction for general use Second Edition. ISO 5285 Conveyor belts Guidelines for storage and handling Third

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Perforated Conveyor Belts. A perforated belt is a conveyor belt with a sequence of punched holes often used for drying or vacuuming purposes. Perforated conveyor belts allow air to flow around the products and can effectively hold products and materials in place on the conveyor.

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Corrugator belt have been specially developed for the transport of board and optimization of the drying process they resist the stress continuously and achieve as long a life as possible. Type. Normal High speed corrugator belt High speed corrugator belt with Kevlar edge. YXKSD Reinforced Edges Kevlar armored on both edges Width 14003200mm Speed 100300m/min Kevlar edge 100

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Inwoven Aramid Edge Belt kevlar edge Thickness 9mm Width range 1000mm 3200mm Length 80 meters Heatresistance 240ºC (the kevlar edge upto 350ºC) Tensile strength 70Mpa Coefficient of friction 0.40µ Weight per unit (7.5۪.3)kg/m2 Airpermeability 40mm water Column 2.0m³/m2/min Seam Hot JAW lacing/Clipper with rubber coated Edge

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Special girths with for example corrugated edge wedge strip or welded cams are available on request. Easy to configure with the MiniTec iCADassembler The conveyor belt module in our design software MiniTec iCADassembler fully automatically constructs your conveyor belt according to your specifications.

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2 PHOENIX Conveyor Belts SWALL Extr eme Conveyor Belt Solutions Extr eme Conveyor Belt Solutions Since 1984 the SWall brand has been committed to the development of the Sidewall Conveyor Belt System. The launch of SWall represents the latest developments in steep angle conveying using the Sidewall Conveyor Belt System.

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Compared with the roller belt conveyors it can be loaded with 5%~15% material which is suitable for high speed operation (the belt speed of the general roller machine is 1.25 rn/s and the air supported belt conveyor generally 1.6n s 2.0 hu / s) can improve the transport capacity without increasing the

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Flexowell ® Conveyor Belts. Standard specifications. The Flexowell ® Conveyor Belt consists of a belt body corrugated sidewalls and cleats. The following shows the standard combinations of the three parts. HPV Agricultural Raw Edge Cog Belts Agricultural VBelts with Profiles

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Other advantages include easy installation low maintenance requirements and protection of belt edges and structure of the conveyor belt. A strong corrugated EPDM rubber hose protects this system from dust and sand while the rubber pivot offers soft suspension of the tracker shaft ensuring extended service life of the system.

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Corrugated Belts Woven in Edge Protection Corrugator Belt For BHS FOSBER MARQUIP Corrugator Line Description Aramid Edge Corrugator Belt High Durability is a consistent development based on the proven woven high speed corrugator belt range .Also is ideal for corrugating systems with high production speeds even load systems and frequently changing paper widths . we also supply :