GTA IV drunk camera fix and no more screen shaking

hello people just follow me and copy my steps then your gta iv drunk camera will be fixed click here to download WinRAR

why does the screen shake in gta 4 whle playing

It is not the problem of your hardware parts but it is a shaking camera problem (commonly after Nico drinks). I would suggest you to download no camera shake patch or buy the original game. You may download a new game by searching "no camera shake gta download" from your favorite search engine. Try updating the latest graphics card drivers from the manufacturers website.

How To Install GTA IV Drunk Camera Fix And No More Screen

Hello All Welcome To My Channel Today I Will Show You How To Install GTA IV Drunk Camera Fix. Also If U Are Facing Screen Shaking Or Automatic Car Explosion Or

Gta Iv Shaking Screen Fix bluautoservice.it

iv shaking screen fix. gta 4 shaking screen fix jjgconstruction.co.za. Gta 4 shaking screen fix gta 4 screen vibrating fix torrent. I am having an issue with GTA 4 when I get into the game past the guy beating her up the graphics are all geometric shapes and Contact Supplier. Prices / Quote. Gta Iv Camera Shake And Missing Textures Fix Toms

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i am using GTA 4 pc version i have alredy installed the patch and NVIDIA 181.20 whql drivers but whenever i run the game initially it runs fine but after 5 min the creen starts shaking and also the cars accelerates on its own without pressing any key please can anyone tell how to fix it .. pl...

why is the GTA IV camera shaking?!? Yahoo Answers

I downloaded GTA IV and put these crack files directory just fine. Then I had to do this Social Club thing which was a pain and then when I started playing the game makes me log on to this shty thing that I do not know what to do to SAVE MY GAMES! Then I start playing on a lightly laggy game all of a sudden at the end right before Roman comes up to Niko in the beginning intro the screen

How to fix Drunk camera/Camera shaking in GTA 4 100%

Drunk cam New link 1 :https://drive.google /file/d/0B01fvBGP0muvSUVpejExRW9HUE0/view New link 2 (fix:

GTA IV Drunk Camera Fix/ No Shaking Screen (100% WORKING

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GTA 4 Screen Shaking Drunk Camera Fix 2019 GTA IV All

Click Show More Steps Download patch install it in gta iv folder then apply crck enjoy gaming *****...