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Big Brutus is the nickname of the BucyrusErie model 1850B electric shovel which was the second largest of its type in operation in the 1960s and 1970s.Big Brutus is the centerpiece of a mining museum in West Mineral Kansas where it was used in coal strip mining operations. The shovel was designed to dig from 20 to 69 feet (6.1 to 21.0 m) down to unearth relatively shallow coal seams which

The Captains Dying Hours Coal Age

The gigantic shovels dimensions and specifications are hard to comprehend. Its operating weight estimated to be some 15 000 tons was more than double the weight of the Silver Spade (BucyrusErie 1950B last operating stripping shovel at 105yd 3 capacity weighing 7 200 tons). The Captains 215ft boom rose more than 200 ft above ground undercarriage width was 88 ft and

The Captain was the Largest Single Mining Shovel Ever Made.

paid $15 million for the mining shovel. The Captain's bucket held 180 cubic yards and weighed empty 165 tons! It was the largest bucket ever built for a mining shovel. The bucket was 18 1/2 feet wide 16 feet high and 24 1/2 feet deep and could hold 270 tons of dirt at a time. The Captain worked from 1965 until 1991 when a hydraulic

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Bucyrus RH400. The Bucyrus RH400 owned by is the world's biggest hydraulic

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2008 U.S. Great Lakes Seaway Ports TonnageTraffic Review continued from page 2 In Milwaukee Federal Marine Terminal officials worked with Vision Logistics to transport a PH Mining Equipment electric mining shovel (PH 2800XPB) to St. Petersburg Russia. Built by Job Global Inc. the shovel is the sixth one to be sent to Russia via the port

Bankrupt Peabody had 'world's largest shovel'

No longer the world's largest and replaced by drag lines the famous shovel uncovered 80 million tons of coal in over two decades. The story explained how Peabody was going to bury it in its

'Big Brutus ' World's Largest Electric Shovel Turned Into

Big Brutus is the world's largest electric shovel. It stands 16 stories high amid the fields of rural southeast Kansas. The coal strip mine it helped clear of rock and dirt has long been shut down...

Top 5 Biggest Massive Mining Machines Some Interesting Facts

Biggest rope shovel PH 4100XPC. Rope shovels are the heavyduty attackers of the mining industry and none eat away the earth faster than the PH 4100XPC. This is the supercharged highperformance pinnacle of the rope shovel world! A rope shovel is used for digging out surfaces such as vertical coal faces.

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The 50 m³ shovel is over 6 m wide weighs 84 tons and is able to hold 85 tons of material in a single scoop which can easily fill any mining truck in 35 passes. The RH 400 is powered by two engines with total 3360 kW/4500 HP and it requires 6 carbatteries just to start the engines that produce max. travel speed of 2 2 km/h.