Flotation Separating Mixtures and Solutions

Flotation Separation is a way of separating mixtures. It is used to separate substances by whether they float or sink. When a mixture is put into a tube and is stirred the lighter substance should rise above the heavier substance. The substances are then separated and can be removed separately. next Page.

US8960443B2 Flotation separation device and method

The flotation separation system comprises a flotation separation cell that includes a sparger unit and a separation tank. The sparger unit has a slurry inlet for receiving slurry and a gas inlet to...

Flotation ore dressing Britannica

mineral processing Flotation separation Flotation is the most widely used method for the concentration of finegrained minerals. It takes advantage of the different physicochemical surface properties of mineralsin particular their wettability which can be a natural property or one artificially changed by chemical reagents.

Froth flotation Wikipedia

Omitted from this list are the engineers metallurgists and chemists of Minerals Separation Ltd. which at least in the American and Australian courts won control of froth flotation patents as well as right of claimant as discoverers of froth flotation.

US Patent for Flotation separation device and method

What is claimed is a flotation separation system for partitioning a slurry. The slurry includes a hydrophobic species that can adhere to gas bubbles that form within the slurry. The flotation separation system includes a flotation separation cell. The flotation separation cell has a sparger unit and a separation tank.