OilResistant Rubbers Machine Design

NBR is used instead of natural rubber where increased resistance to petroleum oils gasoline or aromatic hydrocarbons is required. Uses of NBR include carburetor and fuelpump diaphragms and

Natural Gum Rubber RubberCal Sheet Rubber Rolls

In terms of industrial uses natural gum rubber more suited for light to medium grade applications that do not involve overly abrasive temperatures and chemical conditions. Given all of these excellent physical and chemical properties it should be fairly obvious why RubberCal provides natural gum rubber

AbrasionResistant Rubber

Rubber abrasion resistance is one of the key qualities in play when you are working with various types of rubber. In applications with high physical demands an abrasionresistant rubber might be necessary to stand up to the challenge. In order to select and use the most suitable material in an abrasive environment it is important to know what abrasionresistant rubber is how it is measured

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheets for mining

RM Biltrite AbraSuper® red antiabrasion rubber is compounded with premium natural rubber for maximum abrasion impact and corrosion resistance. Pure natural rubber has inherently high strength resilience and abrasion resistance making it an excellent material for wearheavy environments.