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Unlike the synthetic Solvay and Hou processes Ciner uses an allnatural mining system. Our soda ash is mined from the ground and refined with no additional chemicals. The Ciner method is environmentally friendly and produces a pure highquality product.

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This mining technique has been used extensively in Wyoming by all producers of natural Soda Ash since the 1960s including at our Ciner Resources facility. Once the ore has been mined using continuous mining machines at the working mine face shuttle cars transport the ore to conveyors which then take the ore to a central mine shaft where it is lifted to the surface.

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It occurs in crystals that are called trona. Soda ash can also be referred to as sodium bicarbonate. Extraction of soda ash is done through the open cast method using powerful machines known as dredgers. Trona is usually mixed with rainwater from a shiny substance known as slurry slurry from the lake is transported through large pipes to the factory.

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(i) Mined using a bucket dredger floating on the lake water. Dredger digs out trona from the lake bed up to 3m deep. Inside the dredger trona is crushed into smaller pieces and mixed with solution from the lake called Lake liquor. The trona and the solution is pumped into the factory through a pipeline for processing

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A series of refining steps are required to produce soda ash from trona ore. First the raw ore from the mine is crushed and screened. The materia l is then fed to rotary calciners and heated. In this process the trona decomposes to form crude soda ash which is dissolved in water. The insoluble shales are separated from the solution by a combination of settling and filtration steps and the

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soda ash uses. Soda Ash Light has a numerous industrial applications such as Soap and Detergent Industry Soda ash Light is an important ingredient in soaps and detergents. Therefore it functions as a builder in the formulation of the soap or detergent to achieve the desired level of soil removal.

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Trona is mined using electric mining machines usually a bore miner or continuous miner to remove the trona ore. After mining the ore is transferred via shuttle car and conveyor to skips for transport to the surface. Once on the surface the raw trona is converted into usable soda ash via a multistep purification process:

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Dredging method This is when large machines called dredgers are used to scoop the mineral into large mounds. This is used to mine minerals like salt and soda ash. Drilling method This is used when minerals like oil and gas lie far below the ground surface. Large metal structures called derrick are used in